Emergency Management

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Colonel William C. Lowe, (USA - Ret)

Emergency Management Coordinator
JIF Safety Coordinator
Cell Phone: 609-234-3714
Email: emermgr43@townshipoftabernacle-nj.gov

Tabernacle Emergency Services Building 609-268-1222
(Please leave message)

Phyllis Worrell
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
John Gordon
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator/Communications

The TABERNACLE TOWNSHIP OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (OEM) is responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of plans and projects directed at protecting the lives and property of the residents of this township in the event of a catastrophic emergency. Tabernacle OEM utilizes an all hazards approach to emergency operations planning and preparedness.

The Tabernacle Office of Emergency Management meets the legal requirements established by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management for preparedness to respond to many types of emergencies or disasters. Our NJOEM approved Emergency Operations Plan provides a means of coordinating the activities of local and mutual aid emergency response agencies (emergency medical, fire/rescue, and State police) during any major emergency event such as hurricane, forest fire, winter storm, thunder and lightening storms, or man-made disasters.

As part of our on-going preparedness actions, we have organized, trained and equipped a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) as a group of trained Emergency Management Volunteers prepared to assist themselves, their families and their community in times of emergency.  Additionally Tabernacle OEM utilizes the Burlington County OEM funded CODE RED automated emergency notification calling system to alert and advise township residents in the event of public safety and emergency situations.


In 2014 as part of our Resilient Tabernacle project, OEM has implemented the Ready Communities program into our emergency preparedness program.  Township residents are encouraged to click on the READY Tabernacle Township link found on the Township's Home Page which will take you to guides which you can download for your preparedness actions, a map of the Township providing information and alerts as well as a  "Ready Service Center" where you can advise, inform and question Tabernacle OEM and other local offices regarding situations in the township.   

If you desire more information regarding emergency services or assistance in preparing your family click on the following symbol below or on the Tabernacle main page:    

Special Preparedness Note:

Home Safety Preparedness

As Tabernacle residents are provided with more opportunities to take advantage of natural gas and in recognition of the Tabernacle OEM project of making Tabernacle a Disaster Resistant Community, it is recommended that all families with natural gas service or who may be thinking about obtaining such service review the three training videos provided at the link:


The three videos presented by the Disaster Resistant Communities Group are short and to the point containing information that all family members should be aware of.  Please review the videos and then advise me (Col. William Lowe 609-234-3714) as to their value to you and whether you would like to see more such safety/training videos made available to you and on what topic of concern you may have for the safety and preparedness of you family. 

Emergency Preparedness For Tabernacle Residents With Special Needs 

Disasters include such things as hurricanes, floods, fires, chemical accidents, acts of terrorism, or other catastrophic events. These events may cause problems for residents with special needs. They could:
  • Require you or the person you care for to vacate your home or living quarters.
  • Prevent you from obtaining the water, food, and medication you need.
  • Prevent you from obtaining the electrical power you require for dialysis or oxygen.
  • Interfere with other home health care you may require.
  • Increase episodes of illness that cause you to need medication for stress and anxiety.

If you have special needs or are caring for someone with special needs, it is important to think about preparing for a disaster well in advance. Think about what your special needs will be should you be involved in a disaster:

  • Do you, or someone you take care of, require special medication in times of  turmoil?
  • Do you, or someone you take care of, require oxygen, tube feeding, dialysis, or other     life sustaining equipment?
  • If you have to evacuate will you need a wheelchair, walker, a special bed, or special toilet items?
  • If you have to evacuate, will you need transportation?
  • If you have to evacuate, will you require a special needs shelter? 

You do not need to be in turmoil when disaster strikes. Calmness and confidence can be yours when you properly prepare yourself ahead of time.

The first thing you can do is register with the Tabernacle Office of Emergency Management so that we know who you are, where you live and how we can assist you.       

If you require assistance in evacuation, we will attempt to send appropriate vehicles to transport pre-registered residents to a public shelter, Special Needs Unit, or hospital.   TRANSPORTATION WILL NOT BE PROVIDED TO A PRIVATE DESTINATION SUCH AS A RELATIVE'S HOME.

Make sure you explain your special needs clearly when registering, since dialysis, respirators, etc. may require very special accommodations while oxygen may be offered at several Special Needs Shelters. If your special needs require that you go to a hospital, consult with your physician about the need for a signed letter.         

NOTE: Medicare will only pay for hospitalization claims that are deemed medically necessary and therefore arrangements must be made in advance.



One of the major threats to Tabernacle and its residents is wildfire.  Click on the link below for information and tools kits to help your family prepare for and recover from wildfire:


The Tabernacle Township Office of Emergency Management is available anytime by calling directly to 609-234-3714 or at the OEM office in the Tabernacle Emergency Services Building at 609-268-1222 (leaving a message). You may also E-mail:
At all times keep in mind that emergency preparedness is an individual and family responsibility.